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our seasoned testers take control of the testing you entrust to us.

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Our expert testers recruit expert testers for you. How refreshing.

We are Software Testers

“We test software and
can test yours.

we can also recruit
testers for You.”

We are software testers and test managers and have decades of industry experience between us.
We have written thousands of test cases; analysed countless lines of requirements specifications; managed a plethora of testing projects; designed many test automation frameworks; performance tested more systems we care to remember.

We have ISTQB; ISEB; test tool and technology specific qualifications.

In short, we learnt it; have done it; and are still doing software testing.

We are able to communicate with candidates as only a colleague or their direct manager could.

This means we are best placed to represent you and your requirements to them.


Testers recruiting Testers

IPQA is not your usual recruitment agency; we're a software tester recruiter with a difference.

We specialise in recruiting the finest software testers because we are software testers too and we like our fellow bug finders to enjoy a painless hiring process.

The familiarity between two equal professionals is very powerful and persuasive, not to mention pretty rare.

Of course, I want skilled testers sourcing my next testers

let's start

Expert Testing Services Available to You

We have the expertise, so you don't have to. 
Our vastly experienced testing folk will plan, manage and execute your testing efforts so you achieve the quality assurance you desire.

I'd love you to get testing my software deliveries

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Something to Read

Articles and Commentary on Software Testing

Software Testers:
The Swiss Army Knife of Software Delivery

Article Image

Agile is dead. So is offshoring. So are accreditations.

This is an article by a tester. About testers. About testers' opinions on testers. About testers' opinions taken in a survey by a tester.

Job descriptions for software testers list all kinds of ‘must have’ skills and experience

Agile Software Development:
It's NOT working. Oh Yes it IS ... 'partially'.

Article Image

Call yourself 'Agile'? That's not enough.

Doing it without any management support? That's foolish.

We read all the time about how to 'do Agile'. How to 'be Agile'. That we can be coached to work in an Agile way to deliver software faster. How you must be missing something if your deliveries do not run like a well oiled Agile machine.

Manually Executed Software Testing:
Out of Fashion?

Article Image

Do you (still) enjoy software testing but do not want to be a developer in test?

Have you seen all the job adverts for testers and decided there's no future for you without learning some programming?

I hear from plenty that feel like this.

You're probably, and necessarily, fine with running some debugging or querying tools and small utilities to add some repeatable automation to your testing. 

Tools Most Used By Software Testers

Article Image

A short while back, I asked our lovely LinkedIn community which tools they used in their Software Testing. It was a short and free format survey, like all the others I have done before.

The tools could be anything you deemed useful to your work and need not be the household names we pay thousands for. 

LinkedIn tells me there were more than 3,000 views of the post and I collected just short of 300 responses in the survey.